Director's Speech


Dear parents /guardians,

Whitewood Academy is founded by , Pastor .Taiwo Raji, it opened in 2018 with the aim of providing a world class education to deliver future generations of leaders for Nigeria and the African continent as a whole. Our pastoral team is well experienced to ensure that the students feel at home.

 Thank you for choosing Whitewood Academy, a school that operates both British and Nigeria curriculum for your child.

We welcome you to the large school family which consist of the teachers, students and parents of Whitewood Academy.

Our major concern is to develop your child into a mature, happy responsible young adult who would face the future with confidence.

The school acknowledges the fact that parents/guardians are the primary educators ;as a professional body of teachers, the staff of Whitewood Academy works in co-operation with the students and the home to help them maximize their potentials.

We viewed education in the whole child, attention and emphasis is placed and not just only on the intellectual development but also on students social and spiritual development.

Each student is viewed in a unique individual with speech, gifts and talents. We hope that with motivation, encouragement and hard work, all our students will discover their individual talents.

We study to achieve is contained under the guidance of well-disciplined principles which Whitewood Academy stands for. Respect for each individual within the school community core and guardians value.

We believe at Whitewood Academy that success is achieved through hard work, determination and consistent efforts. All these are possible within a firm but fair code of discipline.

We are proud of our students on their various endeavors, and we pray that your child will make a significant contribution to Whitewood Academy.

We look forward to welcoming you into whitewood family and hope to continue to partner together for the betterment of our children. Success is nourished by hard work and consistency.

Thank you very much….